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Feeding a herd of buffalo is an expensive proposition. The buffalo are supported through a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization called Sacred World Peace Alliance.  Proceeds from the products sold in the White Buffalo Store provide the necessities for the White Buffalo in terms of veterinary care, tons of hay, fencing and all of the daily necessities.  Thank you for supporting the White Buffalo by purchasing these products.  Purchases will appear as Sacred World Peace Alliance on your credit card statement.




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Hiawatha Big Medicine Blanket 64"x80"

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Click on the blanket to the right to see larger image and intricate detail.

2014 Edition - now taking pre-orders.  Notice the change in colors - still contains shed from the White Buffalo.  2011 Edition sold out except registered series at $4000 each.  Please call 888-401-5066 to order.

 "The hair shed is directly from the buffalo to support the herd. There is no value placed on the white buffalo, the buffalo are of the people, but   belong to themselves. There is no spirituality being sold, it is simply the herd supporting itself. Spirituality is a way of being with the seven sacred teachings."

Call 888-401-5066 for international shipping.  Blanket purchases are non-refundable.   $425 includes shipping in continental US

White Buffalo Adoption

Providing food, water and veterinary care for these sacred animals is a costly endeavor.  To offset the costs, Sacred World Peace Alliance sells products such as the Hiawatha Big Medicine blanket, White Buffalo Calendars and White Buffalo peanuts.  You can help our cause through the Adopt-A-Buffalo program.  Read about each buffalo and become a sponsor by making a monthly or annual recurring donation.  You may also choose to make a one-time donation.


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New CDs "White Buffalo- Bigger than Real!"


New CDs Release Available Now! AN ECLECTIC MIX OF ROCK, BLUES & Native American music with deep spiritual roots set in the American West”, comes together in two CDs recording for you to enjoy.  Order now: for $25.00 and $1.50 for shipping in the continental USA only!

2014 Charles Button and Friends - My thanks to all my friends and to all the supporters of these buffalo, who donated their time and talents to make this record. I could not have done it alone. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jacques DeKalb, Michael Thompson, Phil Kenzie, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Paul Warren, Dennis Dragon, Cynthia Hart Button , Heyoka Merrifield, Will Clipman, Dan Hicks, Milton Tso, Jef Kooper, Richard(KOZ) Kosinski, Kenny Blue Ray, Bob Billington, Mitch Paey, Derek Michael Marc, Joshua Seth Eagan, Mark Thomas, Ed Barattini, Sunny Heartly, Melissa Reeves, Owen Martin, Duke Davis, Dave Cosmo, Al Brinkerhoff, Nick Hope, Sarah-Jane Owen, Jim Sloter, Tom Hart ,Tammy Boyd, Rich T, Jon Lowry, Monkey Gonzalez, Lewis Hutcheson, Willie Warwick, Karen Warwick, Terry Bryant, Chris Burbeck, and Christopher Wenzel. Poster Cover and CD art design by Stephen Stringall- Terra Carta Media with contributions from Cynthia Hart Button.
Half of every pressing of this 2 CD recording will be donated to the non-profit White Bison Association as a fund-raising tool to help feed and care for this herd of bigger than real buffalo.

Order now: for $25.00 and $1.50 for shipping in the USA only. You can email at or Call: 888-401-5066 for international shipping prices including Alaska and Hawaii or  International.