Robert Bruce Baldwin |  Ambassador

Robert Bruce Baldwin has more than 40 years of experience as a solutions-based, visionary entrepreneur in the fields of broadcast, entertainment, production, communications, high-technology, and environmental real estate development and construction.

He is an experienced writer, Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor with extensive credits for productions major television media outlets such as National Geographic, BBC, PBS, Paramount, Discovery, Channel 4 UK, NBC, CBS, A&E, Animal Planet, and more. Story driven content creation is among his better talents having developed hundreds of productions for broadcast, corporate communications and assorted non-profit organizations, ranging from business to social to environmental issues.

Robert is also a musician, singer / songwriter, screenwriter and music producer, as well as a seasoned on-camera host. He was also founder, Chairman and CEO of a family of companies, specializing in environmental real estate construction and development.

As an entrepreneur, Robert has created a number of future-focused companies. As founder, Chairman and CEO of Third Wave Technologies, he pioneered the creation of Linksys, an acronym for Location and Information Networking System. If one is using a mobile apps requiring location and tracking information it is most likely operating on the pioneering development at Third Wave Technologies.

In addition to Directing StormAid Communications, his primary interest is in the continuing development and unfoldment of TheLightChannel.TV. TheLightChannel is a family of on-line internet channel portals whose collective mission is the development, collection and distribution of enlightened oriented content meant to assist the unfoldment of a higher ontological consciousness. TheLightChannel was initiated as at the communications portal of TheLightWorksTrust of which Robert is Executive Trustee. “TheLightWorksTrust” was formed on March 26, 2001, is as a pure, irrevocable, complex living trust known as a “God Trust”, in which the beneficiary is the context of Divinity, but not necessarily in any particular religious context. For purposes of TheLightWorksTrust God is recognized in the outward manifestations of Love, Peace, Giving, Oneness and the higher principles of humanity. 



Sunshine spent over a decade successfully working in marketing and public relations for Fortune 500 companies before making a move to the entertainment industry. Working aside respected industry leaders Sunshine founded 1330, a business development and growth strategy firm, focused in marketing, events and communications. Sunshine serves as a mentor for entrepreneurs and philanthropic organizations worldwide supporting maximum business growth and community impact. She serves as an ambassador to Treewa Academy in Kitengela, Kenya building schools, providing resources; commited all children have access to an education. Sunshine currently lives and works in Los Angeles producing feature films with Fijuba Productions.